Trails With My German Shepherd

October! Fall is upon us. The leaves are changing color, the air is becoming more chilly and crisp and our dogs seem to be more wired with the cooler weather! My German shepherd is so excited to be outside, that is of course, unless it’s raining. During this season she is especially active and has […]

The Dignified Family Dog – The Afghan Hound

Afghan Hounds were bred in Afghanistan to hunt large prey. The long fur kept it warm in mountainous areas. The breed is very fleet and an independent, intelligent hunter that would hold leopards at bay till horse mounted hunters could catch up to the prey. This means they have great endurance and speed (they outrun […]

Pit Bulls: Setting the Record Straight

One of the more persistent urban legends around these days is about the innate ferocity of the pit bull breed. I remember being appalled when my son and daughter-in-law brought home a female pit bull they had rescued from the local shelter. Then, I reached down and stroked her soft, square head. She nuzzled my […]

Dog Training Introduction

Most people need to know that training dogs is a fundamental concept when having dog. Simply put, the main purpose is to instil dog obedience and to establish yourself as the pack leader. This is also a good time to bond with the dog as training will be fun. When can dogs be trained? Puppies […]

8 Easy Ways To Minimize Dog Shedding

If your dog is shedding fur excessively, it’s not something to be ignored. There are a variety of reasons why this happens. Apart from dog shedding season (which occurs in spring and later in the fall), it can be caused by a lack of nutrition, stress as well as health issues such as skin problems, […]

The Amazing Benefits of Therapy Dogs

Here are the 6 benefits you can get from therapy dogs. Helping in the Recovery of a Speech Disorder People suffering from dysarthia speech disorder can get much benefit from therapy animals. It helps them gain back the coordination of muscle along with their speech. Therapy dogs help in the cause as they aid in […]

Puppies Potty Training

Puppies are adorable, they can melt hearts in an instant and can entertain you for hours and hours with their inquisitive nature. However, as all dog owners know, puppy care isn’t all laughs and cuddles, it also involves a lot of cleaning up mess and by mess we mean poop. Dog training can be a […]

5 Easy Ways To Get Rid Of Dog Anxiety

Like us, our pets experience anxiety and stress that are caused by several different reasons. One reason could be as simple as being afraid of thunderstorms or something like traveling long hours in a car for the first time. Canines are sensitive to both their emotional and physical settings and when they are stressed, they […]